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2008-04-28 Hospitality Trends


Investment in Mexico - By Richard Katzman and Jane Rogers
Foreign investment in Mexican real estate is on the rise, and many favorable factors conspire to keep this trend moving forward. ...more

A Home For The Modern Nomad: Extended Stay Hotels
HVS analyses the supply and demand patterns that govern the serviced apartment sector in Europe and ultimately answers the question: extended stay - where are the opportunities? ...more

Ernst & Young's European Non-Performing Loan Report
The report provides a detailed analysis of each European NPL market that does today or may in the near future provide opportunities for international investors. ...more

The Benefits and Challenges of University Hotels and Conference Centers - By Anne Lloyd-Jones
Proximity to a college or university is considered a positive characteristic of any hotel site. This article explores the benefits and challenges of developing and operating a hotel or conference center affiliated with an educational institution.