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Vol. 10: Issue 26 2008-07-09


Are Franchises Bad Employers? A Closer Look at Burger Flippers and Other Low-paid Jobs

The idea of McJobs - low-paying positions with little chance of advancement - bothered the CEO of McDonald's so much that, when Merriam-Webster included the term in its dictionary in 2003, he wrote a public letter of protest. His plea went unheeded. ...more

People Report Workforce 2007: Getting and Keeping Your Share of the Labor Pool in the New Economy - By Kacy Oden

What are the issues facing the workforce today? We are faced with a workforce shortage and an aging population. Turnover is on the rise and it's expensive. ...more

Teaching Managers How to Give Critical Feedback to Staff - By Ken Burgin

Most managers and supervisors would rather run a mile... But senior management are tired of managers who don't handle simple discipline. And because a supervisor won't deal with incompetence, you may lose yet another good worker who says 'enough!' The ability to give honest, critical feedback is a key skill for good leaders. ...more