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Vol. 10: Issue 30 2008-08-06


Contingency Hotel Revenue Management Strategies - I Will not Cut Prices - By Carol Verret

Everyone repeat after me: 'I will not cut prices nor panic sell because it does not stimulate incremental demand and only serves to drive down prices.' (Jeff Weinstein, Editor, Hotels Magazine, February 08) Jeff has given us the mantra that all GMs, Revenue Managers and Directors of Sales should repeat every morning. ...more

Food & Beverage - Do You Know Your Break Even Point? - By Joe Dunbar

In my MBA program at Rutgers University, they made sure every graduate could calculate break even points. We were given a myriad of scenarios with a variety of variables. Our tests included irrelevant information to make sure we could focus on the essential formula. Break even point analysis was taught in microeconomics, cost accounting, advanced cost accounting, finance and analytical techniques courses. ...more

Destination Value Proposition Must Be Honest And Inclusive - By J. Ragsdale Hendrie

Several years ago, a Political Strategist labeled the obvious, 'It's the Economy' which was driving the turmoil, and by the end of the First Quarter 2008, we all know this inescapable fact. However, our varied Hospitality segments tend to interpret the realities quite differently. ...more