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Vol. 10: Issue 33 2008-08-27


When Are Emerging Markets No Longer 'Emerging'?

The term 'emerging markets' is now more than 25 years old and has come to define wide swaths of the world undergoing rapid economic change. Dozens of countries fall under the label even though they are evolving at their own pace and with their own twists on economic development. ...more

Wings & Ribs - The Epitome of Customer Service at Beef O'Brady's - By Dr. Rick Johnson

Last year I mentioned in one of my newsletters a customer service incident that happened to me while entertaining friends from Hilton Head Island. What we experienced then at a very upscale country club in The Villages was in my opinion a perfect example of how not to treat your customers. At the time I thought this really takes the cake. ...more

Reducing the Pain of Staff Resignations - By Ken Burgin

Had someone quit unexpectedly? It's costly, especially if they hold a senior position. ...more

Principles for success as a manager - Part one: Understanding the Organization - By John Hogan

In our careers as hoteliers, we have all learned there are clear differences between 'leaders' and 'managers.' Leaders tend to be more inspirational and often have a vision of where they want to take their organization. The need for leaders is very clear - without their