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Vol. 10: Issue 34 2008-09-03


In the Game of Business, Playing Fair Can Actually Lead to Greater Profits

Tune into 'The Apprentice,' and you get an all-too-common view of business. Every week, all of the wannabe moguls try to impress Donald Trump by preening, cajoling and conniving. In this world, toughness is the measure of every CEO, and the boss glories in firing people and squeezing every penny out of suppliers. ...more

Food & Beverage - Maintaining Sales When Customer Numbers Fall - By Ken Burgin

When times are tough, there's a lot you can't do: the weather, employment rates and economic policies are all outside your 'circle of influence'. ...more

The Job Application Tells Much About The Candidate - By Joseph M. Gravish

Hiring managers can gain a great deal of insight into job candidates without even seeing them. A craftfully and creatively designed job application can give you an invaluable quick snapshot, first glimpse into their mind and motivations.