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Vol. 10: Issue 37 2008-09-24


Outstanding Customer Service Simply Isn't Good Enough - By Nektaria Hamister, Matt O'Bryan, and Kent Sexton

We have a shocking confession: Matt, Kent, and I have absolutely no intention of providing excellent customer and co-worker service. We provide care. What's the difference? ...more

Principles for success as a manager - Part one: Understanding the Organization - By John Hogan

In our careers as hoteliers, we have all learned there are clear differences between 'leaders' and 'managers.' Leaders tend to be more inspirational and often have a vision of where they want to take their organization. The need for leaders is very clear - without their innovation and motivation, all industry and society itself would tend to be rather uninteresting and monotonous. ...more

Hotel Lessons Learned From A Five-Star School Principal - By Doug Kennedy

For five years now I've had the privilege of being a parent-volunteer at my children's public school, which is Hollywood Hills Elementary in Hollywood, FL. Now I might be a little biased in saying that this is the best elementary school anywhere, since Mrs. Roberts is my pe