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Guide - The Top 10 Online Brand Protection Strategies for 2011
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Coping With High Price Elasticity of Demand
Transparency in Pricing Has Exacerbated the Commoditization of the Airline Business
What's Working for Social Media Marketers? A look at effectiveness
A September 2009 MarketingProfs survey of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers found that the marketing tactics most often used on social sites are not necessarily the best ones.
White Paper - Protecting Your Brand Online: The New Marketing Imperative
There's no question that the Internet is an ideal venue for marketing, but along with the advantages come risks. Because the online world has seen so little formal policing, it's ideal for the 'hijacking' of brands online.
Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) have traditionally charged airline ticket booking fees ($5-$7 per ticket). Recently the top 3 U.S. OTAs (Expedia-43% market share, Orbitz-26%, Travelocity-22%) followed Priceline's example and removed these booking fees permanently. When Priceline removed these fees back in 2008, they quickly gained market share: from 7% in 2007 to 9% in 2008 (PhoCusWright).
Thought, Reason, and Emotion Affect Consumer Decision
Patrick Bultema, CEO of CodeBaby, gave a thought-provoking presentation at the 2009 Inbound Marketing Summit in Boston, titled 'Emotion Online: The Challenge of Making the Human Connection in a Digital World.' He spoke about how corporations can rouse customers' emotions to generate loyalty.
Brandjacking Index®: How Brands Are Used As Competitive Weapons
Learn from the hotel industry on how brands need to be more vigilant about protecting their bottom lines and their customer relationships on the Internet.
What is the purpose of Twitter? Social media marketers have been trying to answer that question as they use the microblogging service to promote their brands and products.
Google Everywhere: As the Search Giant Grows, How Much Is Too Much?
Imagine text messaging on your iPhone and instead of using Apple's familiar, intuitive interface, up pops an alternate interface designed by Google. That scenario is what Apple seemingly wanted to prevent when it refused to approve Google Voice - an application that provides integrated telephony and voice mail management - for distribution through its online App Store.
The heaviest users of Web 2.0 applications are also enjoying benefits such as increased knowledge sharing and more effective marketing. These benefits often have a measurable effect on the business.
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