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VFM Interactive Acquires Leonardo Media
Combination creates the largest hotel image database and online media network for the global travel industry
Cornell Study Finds Restaurants Make Wise Use of Capital
A commonly used assessment of a company's short-term liquidity paints too pessimistic a picture of restaurants, according to a new study from the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research.
IH&RA Annual Congress 2007, 18-20 October, Amman
Amman Selected as Venue of the 2007 IH&RA Congress, 18-20 October 2007
IH&RA Expanding membership to Independents
Reaching out to the 'grassroots' of the Industry: IH&RA expands Membership to Independents
Hotel & Restaurant Industry Nearer to Goal of Exclusion from International Standardization
TC 228, a Technical Committee formally set up in February 2005 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to draft international standards in the field of 'Tourism & Related Services' may finally have reached consensus on the scope of its work program.
IH&RA 43rd Annual World Congress Hospitality 26-29 October 2006 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Join Hospitality's World Congress, assembling hotel & restaurant leaders, educators & innovators from all continents. Unite. Embrace. Dream. Network, Challenge & Celebrate Together in vibrant Buenos Aires.
Support IH&RA Position in Tunis - Say NO to Proposed ISO Standards for Hotel & Restaurant Services
There is a critical issue being decided next week in Tunis at a meeting of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that will directly impact the business and bottom line of all hotels and restaurants worldwide.
DC offers FREE online advertising to luxury hotels and villas
Drake & Cavendish launch a new website and a switch from their traditional travel agent business model.
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