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For many states the existing and potential Gaming landscape just undulates with revenue. Ah, that color of money - transformative, entrancing A 'green' movement.
Parlay Your Gaming Distinction - By John Hendrie
Nothing like a little competition to catch the attention of Gaming executives.
What, No Clam Chowder? Foxwoods Laments Omission - By John Hendrie
You would think that the Foxwoods Entertainment Destination would have Clam Chowder available somewhere. After all, they have practically everything else, and they are located in New England.
Scrub That Brand, And, Bam Ready for Resale - By John Hendrie
We, in Hospitality, are always refurbishing, renovating, refreshing our product and facility.
All That Glitters, May Be Casino Gold at Least for the Moment - By John Hendrie
Yep, there is gold in 'them thar hills', as well as your major cities, rolling country-sides and meandering rivers the gold of the new Gaming Operators. A
The New Look of a '1099er' - an Atlantic City Casino Cocktail Server - By John Hendrie
The soon to open Revel Casino in Atlantic City has an unusual Hiring Policy, where front line employees will have term limits of four to six years. Then, they must reapply for those very same positions.
Gaming the Panacea. How to Elevate Your Game to Stay in It. By John Hendrie
Everyone is a player now. Looking at Gaming from my perch in Massachusetts, I am astounded with the activity in the Northeast.
In Pursuit of Whales 'Harpooning' Your High Rollers - By John Hendrie
The Gaming Industry at least in the Pacifc Rim has a name for those High-Rollers Whales. Their colleagues in the North America seek the same type audience, perhaps not from Asia (although always welcome), but collected throughout their sphere of influence.
Not Everything That Happens in Vegas Stays There - By John Hendrie
Generous giving with a Green benefit could be no greater gift or attitude during the holidays or any day of the year for that matter. And, that is exactly what hotels on the Strip in Las Vegas are doing gathering all the leftover/used shampoos, body lotions and soaps in guest rooms and giving them to an organization called Clean the World to recycle and redistribute these toiletries to the global community in need of improved hygiene and health. There are no hooks, deals, discounts, flash or odds.
Massachusetts is Salivating over Gaming - By John Hendrie
Yes, Puritan descendants, your legislature has caved, your Blue Laws have been declawed, way beyond Black Friday hours and scratch cards. We residents are to spiral into the hands of the devil. Gaming in the Bay State hard to believe!
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