True Concessions - By Jil Larson
Ive spent a good chunk of my career handling revenue management for big boxes, large convention properties in destination markets. These are some of the most challenging properties for revenue managers because they are entirely future-focused. This weeks results were largely determined by decisions made five to ten years ago, and man... - More
Keys to Success - Professional Development for You Means Lending a Hand to Someone Else Along the Way - By John Hogan
The title of this column says it all working to help others succeed will help us as individuals to move forward on our own professional development. - More
Hotels Rethink Approach to Leisure Business in Response to Corporate Cost-cutting
Leisure guests will become increasingly important for hotels in the post-recession years, according to a high-level think tank in London this week. - More
Hospitality Conversations - Appreciating the Values of International Hospitality - By John Hogan
The hospitality education of international students has continued to evolve and many programs have growing ratios of international to domestic students. - More
Digital Ad Spend Grows 47% in First Half of Year, According to the Q2 2010 Online Advertising Market Report from the Rubicon Project
Despite Growing Concerns Around Privacy Legislation and Data Risks; Audience Buying, Increase in Spend from International Markets and Automation Drive Industry Growth - More
Keys to Success - How Does Your Hotel Provide Memorable Customer Service? - By John Hogan
Two weeks ago, I wrote a column that highlighted one of the most memorable service codes ever offered in hospitality - the Statler Hotel Service Code. I included the original wording (penned in 1916) and gave readers the opportunity to receive a training powerpoint I created that is an updated version of the Statler Service Code, using current ... - More
New Survey Finds UK Travellers Now Prefer to Book with Larger Travel Companies
A new travel survey finds that 90% of British holidaymakers have become more wary of booking a holiday with a less-known travel firm following the recent collapse of smaller travel companies, Kiss Travel, Sun4U and Goldtrail. - More
U.S. companies that use social media primarily to deepen customer loyalty spend almost twice as much on this emerging channel as competitors who use it for brand awareness, customer acquisition and other core marketing purposes, according to national survey results jointly released by COLLOQUY and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). - More
A Ten-Step Program for Easing Your Hotels OTA Dependency - By Daniel Edward Craig
These days, bashing online travel agencies has become a popular sport. The likes of Expedia, Travelocity and Priceline are being blamed for commoditizing hotels, for decimating rates, and for training travelers to demand deep discounts. We can probably find a way to blame them for that oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico too. - More
Keys to Success - 10 Ways to Reach 5,000 Potential Customers for Under $500 - By John Hogan
The last few columns have all addressed the guest experience and delivering service. These columns have generated a high level of reader interest and my next article will provide a recap of some of their comments on impressions of service levels, customer expectations and service codes. - More
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