Success Stories

Nevistas SC
Thomas Wahl - Founder
“I am not just the founder, I am also a customer! Yes we use our publishing platform to market new software products and alliances. From a campaign we ran this past quarter we received 959 leads out of which we converted 390.”

Prime Sites USA
Carl Carlsson - Managing Director
"Over the past two years, Prime Sites USA has closed nearly $265,000,000 in hospitality sales. The majority of buyers for these SOLD properties came to us via the advertising and promotional efforts of the Nevistas Network.

Mr. Thomas Wahl and his associates have provided us with support and services far greater than any other company with whom we have worked over the last 20 years. Nevistas Network is indeed, a "resource" that has demonstrated time and again its ability to deliver us qualified buyers and has been the engine driving our sales and closings.

We plan to expand our use of the Nevistas Network in our operations and add many of its numerous products to our program."

Lodging Interactive
DJ Vallauri - Founder & President
"We have worked with Nevistas SC and its network of industry web sites for many years and utilize their services to both distribute our press releases and advertise our products.

Results from both services have been excellent and I look forward to working with Nevistas for many years to come."

Anchor Marketing
Marty Whitford - President
"As a former Senior Editor with Hotel & Motel Management magazine, was one of the first news portals I surfed every morning and afternoon. Packed with up-to-the-minute information -- all organized in an easy to search, read and print format -- this site is a 'bookmark' keeper for any serious journalist, or any hotelier or vendor serving the industry for that matter." "As a PR specialist serving the hotel industry, I find the site even more valuable now. With cost-effective, well read on-line press release postings and weekly electronic news bulletins sent to thousands of key hotel decision makers, gives my clients just the targeted news distribution they need at a price they can't resist."

"Just a few days ago, one of my clients said a hotelnewsresource press release posting had his sales line ringing off the hook all week long -- with HOT leads coming in from all across North America. With unlimited press release postings, delivers a payback in days or weeks, with ROI continuing to be reaped for years! Two thumbs up to Thomas Wahl & company for a dot-com venture that delivers old-fashioned value using new-age tools."

Hasek Communications
Glenn Hasek - President
"Over the last three years I have worked as a public relations representative for several lodging industry vendors. When any of them have wanted to issue a press release about a new product, installation or any other type of news, I always have strongly recommended Hotel News Resource's Daily Hotel Industry News and Hotel Technology Resource newsletters. These inexpensive but effective newsletters reach a diverse audience of thousands of industry representatives. As a public relations professional, I know the importance of impressions. In fact, that is what advertising and public relations is all about: delivering impressions fast. Hotel News Resource does just that: deliver thousands of impressions through its newsletters and its website.

When I was ready to grow my public relations business, I ran an article in Daily Hotel Industry News. The topic: "Top 10 Ways to Generate a Rapid Return on Your Public Relations Investment." Within 24 hours, representatives from a hotel in Alabama contacted me to help them with their hotel's opening. A few days later I was given the assignment. If I had placed an ad in one of the industry's print publications, it would have taken weeks or longer to see results. Hotel News Resource works fast.

There are many electronic industry newsletters out there but Hotel News Resource's Daily Hotel Industry News and Hotel Technology Resource newsletters present the lodging industry's news in the most reader-friendly manner. The newsletters are well-designed, separate news under logical department headings and offer preview paragraphs. In the future, you can bet I will turn to Hotel News Resource when I want to help grow my own business or my clients'."

David Wolf - President
"The key was the response - within minutes of our first release, we received inquiries from the independent hotelier audience that we just couldn't find elsewhere. We instantly communicated our message to industry decision-makers around the world, and given the payoff, we'll continue using the press syndication service."

Joe Media Inc.
Christian Braemer - President & CEO
"This is one of the best investments I’ve made in terms of PR and SEO for my company. Thank you very much!"

Safe Grip Inc.
Kevin Forrester - President and CEO
"I received a call from a WSJ reporter today asking questions as well as a gentleman from the Days Inn in Texas. I am very grateful for your time so far and I can see that I will be using your service for quite some time."

Pocket Watch Software
Charles W. Teel - Owner
"We have received an excellent response since posting our product and its initial press release a couple of months ago."

Welltech Solutions
Dina Aronson - President
"This was my first press release, and I felt I was taking a chance with you because I have little knowledge of how news travels in the restaurant industry. I’m very pleased at the results, and I’m very happy that Foodservice Monitor (daily e-newsletter by Technomic) headlined the release today (with a clickthrough to RNR).

This has been well worth the investment, and you can be sure that I’ll be sending future releases through RNR."