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Quality Content
The overwhelming feedback from our readers is that as compared to competing services we provide the largest selection of related news, trends and research in combination with excellent service.

Extended Reach
Our distribution on the internet via our proprietary search engine archiving is by far the strongest in the field. We receive 1,000,000+ referrals monthly from Google and Yahoo.

Rankings for Network Sites
Our network enjoys dominance for many hospitality industry related keywords.
(reference one of our publications as of Dec-21-07)
• Yahoo #1,
• Google #1,
• Looksmart #1,
• Lycos #1,
• MSN/Live #1,
• Wisenut #1,
• Open Directory #1,
• Ask Jeeves #1,
• Gigablast Directory #1

Quality Distribution
We are extremely diligent in pruning our subscriber lists as well as partner web sites. We easily could claim to have more than 100,000 subscribers, but if subscribers and partners are inactive over a specific period of time our proprietary software automatically removes them.

Distribution Channels
Our network syndicates industry content to a worldwide audience of 750,000+ users. We target segments in all hospitality industries including chains, groups, individual owners and operators, industry associations, educational organizations, consumer & industry press, news aggregators, consultants and suppliers. Users are aggregated through industry portals, corporate intranets, association web sites, newsletters and both public and private content feeds.

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Our partners include participants from all relevant industry-segments utlizing our content management and distribution platform.

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Who are we? | Why join? | Who participates?