What is a NEV Score and How Does it Work?

Why a Score?

:: Two Reasons

We want to give our readers a quick and easy method for accessing the most popular and valued articles and secondly, we want to reward exciting and informative news releases with a rating system that signals their contribution out from the rest. We believe this method will encourage our contributors to provide more compelling and helpful news items. E.G. a solution oriented article that offers real value for our readers will score higher than a promotional item. The only time the latter may not be true is if the company submitting the promotional piece has built credibility with our readers by submitting informative and value rich articles prior to their promotional item.

How We Calculate Our Scores

The Nevscore is based on an algorithm that takes a variety of factors into account:

:: Interaction with the content.

As you browse and recommend, drop, comment or interact with an article, these actions are dynamically calculated by our scoring engine. Each action Nevscore uses in it’s calculation is weighted based on a predetermined importance level. E.G. ‘recommending’ an article carries with it more Nevscore credits than inserting a ‘comment’. User interaction is largely influenced by the overall quality of a given article. Well written and compelling article elements such as headline and summary description will play a role in the overall Nevscore.

Network Penetration

Our network syndicates content to a worldwide audience of 750,000+ users. We target segments in all hospitality industries including chains, groups, individual owners and operators, industry associations, educational organizations, consumer & industry press, news aggregators, consultants and suppliers. Users are aggregated through industry portals, corporate intranets, association web sites, newsletters and both public and private content feeds. The depth of our network penetration in the hotel/hospitality market allows us to use ‘click through’ as a reliable and accurate source for assigning Nevscore credits. Note: We do not calculate Nevscores that do not have a minimum score as doing so would not provide fair and accurate results. These news items will be marked with “waiting”.

What is Nevistas?

:: A Global Content Syndicator

Nevistas News Network is a global content syndication service. Our network aggregates and distributes content on behalf of 1,400+ organizations and utilizing proprietary software provides it’s partners with a real-time solution to access relevant industry intelligence serving their region, segment and demographic. Our current news channels include hotel, travel, restaurant, cruise, airline, gaming, and bed and breakfast.

What is NevistasConnect?

:: Networking for Industry Professionals

NevistasConnect.com was implemented to give our users a tool with which they can interact with other members. It is a place where a news item contributor can address questions about a given article; where vendors can expand on their product information and solutions; where hot topics are discussed in detail and opinions are welcomed.

Can my website join Nevistas or NevistasConnect?

:: Become a Nevistas News Editor

We are looking to expand into different industries. If you have 10 or more years experience in an industry we do not already have a news channel for and are serious about becoming an editor, we would be interested in talking with you. We will provide the same technology running sites like Hotel News Resource as well as our expertise and support as a leading online news aggregator. You as the editor will be responsible for news syndication, quality control, selling advertising and news release packages. Vetting of all candidates will take place, so please, only contact us if you are serious and have a wealth of hands on experience in the industry you wish to target. The first step is to send us a letter summarizing your experience in the industry you want to become a news aggregator for. Please do so here.

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